Here's a little advise to breeding torts, that I use in my herd - once again it is my OPINION.

I believe in keeping tort to tort, and crossed out to black for coat/type, and/or red for color once in a while.  Find a good base line, with a strong color, so you can work more with type without worrying much about coat density or color.  To many tort to tort breedings can cause loss of points.  Tort's usually have few color problems if you use a nice strong line.  Breeding reds in can cause lack of darkened points on them as well, not to mention smutty reds - most reds should be culled from this breeding.  This is why breeding blacks in can help darken points.  CULL CULL CULL for white hairs in your color spots!!  Torts can be difficult for coloring.  My suggestion is to keep them to black and tort, reds maybe.  Of course, red to tort breedings will cause smut reds, cull them and keep the torts with the best color.  Once color is in check, keep them to tort and a few blacks for coat.  Torts can be a challenge.  Once again this is all MY OPINION, and it has worked for me in my herd, once I learned the line.

According to the Standards of Perfection

A tortoise's surface color of the body is to be bright rusty red-orange which blends to a smoky gray-black on the falnks, head, belly, and feet.  The surface color is to extend well down the hair shaft to an off white under color.  The shading on the head is to be the darkest at the whisker bed and is to blena lighter shading along the jaw line.  ear color should match shading color.  upper side of the tail is to match the body surface color with the underside of the tail matching the shadings as nearly as possible.  Toenails are to be dark.  Eyes - Brown.

Faults - Smutty tinge obscuring the rich orange saddle color' point color or shading color too light; scattered white hairs.

Disqualifications from Competition - White belly or tail white toenails(s) white spot.


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At this time, we have decided to hold off on torts until our fall breedings.  We have a few in the nest box, we plan to keep to continue to breed for them in the fall.