Furry Friends R Us's 

" Ashley "

Senior Broken Red Doe

BRED TO FFR's Rupert (Red)

Delivered 5 - June 11th

Sire: GC Compart's Dakota - Tort (8 Legs)

Dam: FFR's Samantha - B/Red

( has not been shown yet )

Grand Champion

Crimson's" Briar Rose "

Senior Red Doe - 6 Legs

BRED TO FFR's Rupert (Red)

Expecting - Reds

* DUE July 22nd *

Sire: GC Crimson's Caleb - Red (8 Legs)

Dam:  GC Crimson's Sierra   - Tort (3 Legs)

VERY lovely clean red doe.  She will be used here to make amazing reds for the herd.  Hopefully to be bred into the b/red line to clean up the color for us!

She carries such lines as: Crimson's

Show Winnings:

BOV - SMRC - 2/24/08

BOV - Keep it Hopping RC - 6/14/08

BOV of 40 - MR Nationals - 6/20/08

BOV of 22 - CSMRSC - Specialty - 6/20/08

BOV of 10 - California RBA (A) - 8/18/08

BOV of 10 - California RBA (B) - 8/18/08

Grand Champion

Furry Friends R Us's  " Margo "

Senior Red Doe - 3 Legs

BRED TO FFR's Tony (BRed)

Expecting - Reds & Broken Reds

* DUE July 22nd *

Sire: GC Crimson's Tyler - Red  (3 Legs)

Dam: FFR's Miley - B/Red  (1 Leg)

She will stay in the herd!  I love this little tiny compact chocolate based doe.  She granded in her 1st 3 shows and did very well at nationals.  I can't wait to use her in my b/red program.  So far, she has thrown AMAZING type on her kits!

She carries such lines as: Crimson's, Maple Kelly's, Buresh's and Burkert's.

Show Winnings:

4/9 - MR Nationals in Midland, MI - 5/7/10

2/7 - Day after Nationals in MI - 5/7/10

BOV - IRBA Show A - 6/5/10 -  Leg #1

BOV - IRBA Show B - 6/5/10 -  Leg #2

BOV - IRQRBA Show B - 6/6/10 - Leg #3

Here's a little advise to breeding reds, that I use in my herd - once again it is my OPINION.

I believe in keeping red to red, to prevent smut.  Breeding dilutes in, such as fawns is ok to help clean up red coloring if it begins to smut.  DO NOT take reds to ANY other color besides reds.  An occasional castor goes into my reds to help with type and coat, since it's hard to get nice type/coat on a red.  But I keep a fawn in the herd to clean the potential tipping it can create.  Keep reds with the best type and coat, and breed them - cull heavily for color, once type and coat are in check.  Color is the toughest part of breeding reds.  Find a good base line, with a strong color, so you can work more with type without worrying much about color smutting.  Coloring is hard for reds since they are an agouti color, and need to appear as a self to be shown.  Remember CLEAN reds will smut in hot and cold weather, they are a heat/cold sensitive color.  In reds, remember - type, coat, then color.  again this is all MY OPINION, and it has worked for me in my herd, once I learned the line.

According to the Standards of Perfection

A red's surface color of the body is to be an even rich tone of brilliant red that should be carried as far down the hair shaft as possible.  Surface color shoulder be as even as possible to give the appearance of a self-colored animal.  The upper side of the tail is to match the body the body surface color.  Surface color of the belly is to be a deep cream color, carried s far down the hair shaft as possible.  Darker lap spots are permissible.  underside of the tail and front and rear foot pads will be lighter in color, resembling the belly color.  Toenails are to be dark.  Eyes - Brown

Faults - Dark ticking which produces a smutty surface color; light ticking which produces a frost surface color; scattered white hairs.  Cull severely for white belly color.

Disqualifications from Competition - White spot(s); white toenail(s); blue or gray under color.






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Furry Friends R Us's 

" Tony "

Senior Broken ChocoBased-Red Buck

Sire: GC Berlena's Zulu Warrior - REW (11 Legs)

Dam: GC FFR's Margo - Red (3 Legs)

This little guy will stay as my new broken red herd buck.  Judges continue to comment on his amazing clean red coloring!  He is chocolate based, thanks to his mom and will continue to create vibrant b/reds in my barn, with Zulu's coat!  Personal thanks to my husband for not doubting Zulu.

She carries such lines as: FFR's, Crimson's, and Berlena's.

Furry Friends R Us's 

" Rupert "

Senior Red Buck

Sire: GC FFR's Sam - Red (3 Legs)

Dam: FFR's Sydney - Tort

This little guy will stay as my new red herd buck.  Judges are in amazement by his deep rich red coloring.  He carries broken on both sides and I will use him in my on going attempt at broken reds!

She carries such lines as: FFR's, Maple Kelly's, Doyle's,  Buresh's and Burkert's.

Show Winnings:

BOV - MetroEast RBA (A) - 3/12/11


Furry Friends R Us's 

" n/a "

Junior Red Doe

Sire: GC Compart's Dakota - Tort (8 Legs)

Dam: FFR's Samantha - B/Red