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Furry Friends R' Us's


  Chocolate Otter Sr. Buck - 2 legs






Sire: FFR's Baelfire - B/Black (2 Legs)

Dam: GC FFR's Nevaeh - Black Otter (3 Legs)


Show Winnings:

BOV - Monre Co RBA - 10/7/17 - Leg #1

BOSV - Peoria RBA - 11/18/17 - Leg #2



Here's a little advise to breeding Otters, that I use in my herd - once again it is my OPINION.

I am brand new to the otter variety.  I will comment once I get a feel for the color more.  Otters are shown in Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac.  It is best to keep Otter to Otter, or Otter to Castor.  Crossing out to the self of the otter's color sometimes results in no under color on the belly of the otters.  If you insist on breeding that way, just CULL heavily for lack of under color.

According to the Standards of Perfection

Surface & Undercolor - The surface and under color of the head, outside of the ears, front of the forefeet, outside of the hind feet, and the top and sides of the body are to be as described in the respective self varieties.

Markings - Black and Chocolate animals will have orange to creamy orange markings color, while Blue, and Lilac animals will have fawn marking color.  The belly nostrils, eye circles, jowls, underside of the tail, inside of the ears, back of the forefeet, and the inside of the hind feet and legs are to be creamy to creamy orange, highlighted by an orange or fawn markings as it meet the self color of the body.  The border color between the belly and flanks shall continue down the hind feet as it meets the color of the body.  The under color of the belly is to be described in the respective self varieties.  the triangle and collar are to be orange to creamy.  No ticking is preferred.  eyes - As described in the respective self varieties.

Faults - Brown or rust tinge to body color; orange to creamy orange hairs in areas other than the patterned areas; mealiness on the ears, head, or muzzle;  faded or indistinct markings; scattered white hairs over the body.





Grand Champion

Furry Friends R' Us's

" Lilith "

B/Black Otter Doe - 3 Legs



Sire: FFR's Benny - B/Black Otter (5 Legs)

Dam: Queen's Gretal - Black (1 Leg)



Show Winnings:

2/17 - PeoriaRBA(B) - 2/17/18
2/8 - CIERBA - 2/24/18
1/7 - Amboy - 2/25/18 - Leg #1
1/6 - Amboy - 2/25/18 - Leg #2
4/10 - NEMO - 3/3/18
BOSV, 1/3 - IMRRC Spec - 3/25/18 - Leg #3







EZ Dae's

" Kasadee "

Broken Black Otter Doe





Sire: EZDae's Tsunami - B/Black Otter (6 Legs)

Dam:EZDae's Kasae - Broken Black

Show Winnings:






Furry Friends R' Us's

" Cutie Pie "

Black Otter Doe - 3 Legs






Sire: FFR's Benny - B/Black otter (5 legs)

Dam: FFR's Piper - Black

Show Winnings:

1/3- NEMO - 3/3/18
2/6 - MERBA - 3/17/18
BOSV, 1/6 - MERBA{Spec) - 3/17/18 - Leg #1
1/5 - IMRRC Spec - 3/25/18 - Leg #2
1/6 - BloomRBA (B) - 3/25/18 - Leg #3
4/26 - MR Nationals - 4/21/18
2/5 - MRBA - 5/27/18