You can contact me via the below options:

(phone calls are answered within 24 hours)

Please no calls after 11 pm (unless emergency)

Cell: 217 . 556 . 6200 (text or call)

** Please contact about waiting list placement. **


( buyer pays 4% paypal fees )


Airline approved carrier / cups - $70 est.

Carriers have 4 holes for your convince of shipping more animals to save shipping.

Carriers contain: 1/2 apple, alfalfa, pellets, and water per hole.  And a 3# bag tapped to the top because of airline policies.

CALL 1.800.575.3335 for estimated shipping.

Willing to work with you on airport arrival locations, but will only fly out of St. Louis, MO and Springfield, IL airlines.  Prefer Delta, Frontier, or Continental.

Our Policy STRICTLY states -

Buns must be picked up on or around pre-discussed date/show.  If buns are not picked up by this date, unless prior arrangements have been made, they will be sold to another customer and the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  ALL buns will have a 7 day guarantee once they leave the rabbitry.  Any buns that needs to stay here, past the pick-up date will be charged $10 per bun per week.  This is a new policy, considering weaned kits eat and rabbit food and bedding are not free.

* TRADES ARE ACCEPTED, but not encouraged *

Past Customer Responses:



I recently received a shipment of bunnies from Becka. They were beautiful and my daughter and I placed best of breed at our first show with a black otter. Becka goes above and beyond with her care, dedication to her customers and bunnies. She has taught my daughter and I so much about the care and raising of bunnies as well. Thank you soo much.

~ Alice and Ava, from Ivoryton, CT

We purchased a Broken Black Jr Doe from Rebecca.  She is a very nice little doe with a great disposition and shows promise in the show ring as well as in our breeding program.  By having Paypal Rebecca made the transaction very smooth, she even arranged for transportation for the doe to be delivered to us at a show for no extra charge! Thanks

~ Dawn Zimmerman @ Rock Creek Rabbit Ranch.

Thanks to Rebecca at FFR rabbitry for helping me start my broken mini rex line. Not only has the junior doe purchased in 2012 been Grand Championed, but 2 offspring from Katelynn a senior doe purchased early  have also been Grand Championed a buck and a doe. Rebecca treated me with great respect even though I was a NEW breeder just getting started. These 3 helped me make a grand total of 5 Grand Champions in 2012. I am now gearing up for 2013 and almost all of my show team of broken mini rex are from FFR bloodlines, and they are looking nice. Thanks Rebecca I would recommend u to anyone.

~ Betty from Canada
Gold Creek Rabbitry

Thank you so much for the beautiful bunnies, my children are ecstatic.  So far they have been held, brushed, watched TV and tucked into their cushion bed.  I am sure they will be the most spoiled bunnies on the planet! 

~ Chrissy, Mani and Kyle Wienhoff of Festus, MO

I want to thank Rebecca (Becka) Brown for such wonderful stock and such wonderful advice. I am new to breeding and showing, and she took the time and patience to show and tell me everything I needed to know. She is so patient, I know I have sent over 50 emails to her almost daily asking her questions and getting comments. She always replied, promptly. I spent over 2 hours at her house and she talked me through everything that I need to know to show and breed Mini Rex. When I went home and contacted her with additional questions she always replied. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for Mini Rex. She has beautiful stock! I will go solely to her when I am looking for the colors Black, Red, Tort, or Chocolate. LOVE HER!! :)

~ Rachel Cohen of MO

Wow, what a great set of foundation rabbit we got from Rebecca.  We got 4 BOV's and 4 BOS and 3 placings.  
We can't tell you how pleased we are 
with Damien, Claimsmen and Princess (R416).  And the future looks bright!
Sarah and Annie Sires
Buns n'Boots Rabbitry
Charlestown, RI

Becka, thanks a ton for helping me learn more about the mini-rex breed and for selling me some very nice rabbits. I have not had a person better explain what I would be looking for in the mini-rex breed. Your prices were great, the drive was long, but we would do it again to get more great rabbit from you.

The Sires Rabbitry~ Blue Springs ,MO

"Becka's customer service is beyond compare.  She is always there to answer whatever questions we might have about our Mini-Rex, and she has even boarded her for us while away on vacation.  The customer service shown through the Greenhouse business is also great.  Always answered questions for us, and educated us on things we were just not aware of, being that we had never planted anything before.  Thanks so much, and we appreciate everything you have done for us!" ~

The Metcalf Family- Litchfield, IL.

"Thanks a million for helping my doe foster her kits.  You truly are an angel." ~ Barb

"I would like to take the time to tell you how wonderful it is to know Becka. Although I have not bought any of her stock, I have seen it and several of her past rabbits went back to my stock. Becka is an honest and truthful person which is worth it's weight in Gold in this hobby. I would recommend her and her stock to anyone out there that is looking for sound stock. She has spent many hours looking for good stock and working with others to help her when she needs help. Good Luck Becka and keep up the great Work."

~ Jeff Simmons - Michaela's Hop Shop of Muskegon, MI

"You guys are the best and extremely helpful. Cute animals and great prices! I'll definitely buy from you again!" ~ Chrissy G. of Park, IL

"You were most helpful, in teaching me everything I need to know, and went out of your way to help me and even though I didn't know anything.  You didn't get impatient with me and really have helped me a lot.  Overall, you where very helpful, honest, and I would recommend you to anyone" ~ Kirsta Burget of Beardstown, IL

"We are new customers and are very impressed with the service we have received as well as the quality of animals. We would definitely recommend Becka and Furry Friends R us to anyone we know." ~ Mike W. of St.Louis, MO

"Becka bought a really nice buck from my rabbitry and two does. She is going to pursue showing the buck (Pongo) and plans on using one of the does to breed to. I am very pleased about that and I am going to keep up with what she does with them. Becka and I shared a flawless rabbit sale and personally, she was so wonderful to do business with.  I also got a lilac buck from her and I think he is very very nice and in fact, I am going to try to show him and see how he does. I highly recommend her as someone who has tried to get some of the best rabbits she can obtain to raise good show stock rabbits with." ~ Senia of Wedgwood Rabbity in Georgia

"Liz and Melanie would like to thank Becka for being such an understanding person.  Thank you so much for everything you've done." ~ Liz of East Alton, IL

"We give a lot of thanks to Becka. She has been so very helpful to us in that anytime we had a question she was always gracious enough to provide us with the answer and if she did not have the answer she did her best to ask around and get the answer. We believe knowing her has been a wonderful asset to our rabbitry. She has also introduced us to several other very wonderful and helpful breeders." ~ Rachel & Pam K. of Modesto, IL

"Just wanted to let you know that the bun was a hit at the office the day I got him....EVERYONE wanted to take him home. Several asked about your rabbits. He is very sweet natured and a joy to have. Thank you for the delivery!" ~ Lisa Hutson of New Berlin, IL.

"Ming is a great bunny, we all oooooo and ahhhhhh over her every time we see her.  She's gorgeous.  Anyway, wanted to thank you so much for being so accommodating to me, on  such a short notice, for your hospitality, and for our new family member.  I admire your operation very much, and we're proud to have one of your beloved buns to call our own :) " ~ Diane Mueller of St Louis



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