Photographs of our New Rabbitry

( special thanks to Jake and Robert Brown, and Darrel Beckwith for putting up with me and making the rabbitry look better than I could have imagined! )

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Here are the outside photos:



These pictures are showing our new Rabbitry sign and logo!  Thanks for the pattern - FFR's Ava !  The sign was drawn free hand and hand painted by me.


South view - the over all building is 22ft by 16ft, and holds 65 holes.  It has all brand new materials from the door, windows, power, and A/C unit.  The A/C unit is on thermostat and has a remote, so I can run it from the house - lazy I know.  The A/C unit also has a built in dehumidifier.  The rabbitry has it's own breaker to prevent electrical danger.  All windows have screens and the door stays shut, it's SO nice with no flies!  As you can see in the picture above, the show team is waiting for me.  I will have landscaping done next year at this time, we run a greenhouse in the spring, so it will be looking nice.  As of right now, we just have the rose bush.  I look forward to your visit.




North View - looks like my rose bush lived through thee transformation!





East view - the team is waiting by the door to head out to the next show.  The widow slide opens for the fan to blow, and it has a screen.




South wall (the back) - nothing cool there.



West wall - the fan is reversible, and it has a thermostat.  It will have a cover soon, waiting for the custom built one to be shipped to us.


Here are the inside photos:

(FFR's Princess had to help take pics)


( they pretty much speak for themselves, each rabbit has a water bottle, J-feeder, kabob, and toys.  Everyone is very spoiled here.  The floor is concrete and swept daily to keep it clean of debris.  Bucks are in 24x18, does are kept in 24x24, and litter cages are 24x30. )