Our foundation Mini Rex herd includes, but not limited to (in alphabetical order) :

Berlena's, Cresthill's, EZ Daes's, Irish Patch's, and Noble Fur's.

**  New rabbit barn completed July 17, 2009 **

Rabbitry Pics

* Feel free to come visit the new barn and see our set up for yourself! *

We also breed:

Seabrite Bantams, Wyandotte Chickens, and Muscovy Ducks


** Senia passed away on Dec 21st, 2010.  She will be dearly missed by a lot of people.  She was not only a breeder, but a good friend of mine.  She was always there when I needed to chat about rabbits, or even just life.  I miss you Senia!  Pongo and Zulu will live on here at my barn! **

** Special thanks to Brad Edmondson of Georgia.  He is an excellent person and has helped all colors in my barn, I owe a lot to him for his rabbit quality and his educational sessions.  He is a true BREEDER as well as a friend.  Thanks Brad!  **

**Also, special shout out to Berlena Reynold's of California, she's a very sweet person and has really helped me understand genetics.  Her buck Zulu Warrior, has done wonders here in IL for me!  For example, Allison and now Allie! :)  **

I believe in order to produce high quality show rabbits, you must start with a good base stock, no matter the cost.  Then have a body type and fur in mind, breed for it, and cull heavily...make no exceptions to keep any rabbit unless it will benefit your herd in the long run - too many breeders make this mistake, and their herd suffers.  If you want to keep a "pet" bun, just don't breed it into your line.


And above all - JUST HAVE FUN!


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Gone but not Forgotten


We are proud members of the ARBA, NMRRC, and IMRRC

Our rabbitry is registered through the ARBA - #A347

** Specializing in : Blacks, Black Otters, Chocolate Otters, and Brokens **

Here at Furry Friends R' Us Rabbitry, myself Rebecca E. Brown, my husband, Robert, and our son Hunter, strive for excellence, in our Mini Rex Rabbit herd.  We are a small Mini Rex Rabbitry located in Southern Illinois - actual zip is 62685. 


 We are about 45 miles north east of St. Louis, MO on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River.


We attend around 40 ARBA shows per year within the Midwestern states.  Rabbits can be taken to shows if they are paid in full prior to the show

- NO EXCEPTIONS on this policy -

* WE SHIP - Frontier, United Cargo & Continental Airlines - RABBITS ONLY *


We have been breeding Mini Rex Rabbits since April of 2006, and have been in and out of multiple colors!  We began showing in 2008 and we are currently working on my our line in: Blacks, Brokens, & Otters in Black and Chocolate.

* Furry Friends R'Us *

Mini Rex Rabbitry

We proudly feed Pen Pals 18% made by ADM Alliance Nutrition:

We proudly Support BunnyVac made by Pan American Vet Labs:


( Paypal address on contact page, buyer responsible for 4% paypal fees )


shipping : MN, WI, IA, ND, SD, NE & IL 


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