Page last updated on : march 31st, 2008

Furry Friends R'Us


We are a small Mini Rex Rabbitry located in Southern Illinois, near St. Louis, MO.  We have been breeding for 4 years.  We are currently focusing on Blues, Chocolates, Lilacs, Tricolors (Orange/black), reds and Harlequins.

I am a member of the arba, rba and irba.

I take EXCELLENT care of my buns, they are given papaya tablets when necessary, bathed once a month, brushed weekly, and claws clipped monthly.  All have access to high quality pellets, RICH homegrown alfalfa, homegrown lettuce, carrots, etc., daily.  All cages have hay bins, water bottles, and slotted foot rests.


Ideal for great pets, EXCELLENT personalities.   

pet buns are $20 each, and pedigreed prices start at $30.

As a breeder, I take responsibility for ALL babies I "create".  If you are no longer able to care for one of my buns, PLEASE return him/her, I don't care how many years have gone by.  That's a promise, no questions asked.  NO bun deserves a shelter!  I am a responsible breeder. 

Please feel free to look around.

Please visit their respective pages for more information.

We also offer everything you'll need to have a healthy happy home for your new family member!

If you are interested in something not pictured, please email us!

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