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* Black Herd *


Grand Champion

Furry Friends R Us's


Black Sr. Buck





Sire: Cresthilll's StarBoy - B/Black Otter

Dam: FFR's Piper - Black



Show Winnings:

1/4 - CIRBA(A) - 12/1/18

1/4 - CIRBA(B) - 12/1/18

1/5, BOSV - PRBA(A) - 2/16/19 - Leg #1 

BOB - NEMO(A) - 3/2/19 - Leg #2

BOS - NEMO(B) - 3/2/19 - Leg #3 



Here's a little advise to breeding blacks, that I use in my herd - once again it is my OPINION.

I believe in keeping black to black, to keep rich black coloring.  Watch taking too many brokens into a solid black line, it can cause mismatched toenails, or "bone" color nails on the solids.  Find a good base line, with a strong coat, so you can work more with type without worrying much about coat density.  Watching color as you go, you do not want your blacks to become "faded" or turn to seals in appearance.  In blacks, remember - type, coat, then color.  Color can be fixed in 1-2 breedings, type and coat take a few breedings to correct.  Blacks usually have few color problems if you use a nice strong line.  DO NOT keep any animal with scattered white hairs, I cull heavily for that by removing the ENTIRE LINE.  You can find a nice line with type/coat that does not have the white hair issue.  The hardest part of blacks would be coat length, to me.   Blacks are the first color of mini rex shown, so type is usually not an issue, but still needs to be culled for of course.  But coat, can become too short, therefore being too thin.  Once again take a Ruby-eyed white out of black/blue lines to correct it.  Blacks can be taken to blacks and blues ONLY (and black/blue otters, or torts), do not cross blacks to chocolates, UNLESS you know the black has thrown chocolates before to a black doe.  This mean the black is carrying the genetics for a NICE chocolate.  And most important - - CULL CULL CULL for white hairs in your color spots!!  Once again this is all MY OPINION, and it has worked for me in my herd, once I learned the line.

According to the Standards of Perfection

A black's entire body is to be a rich lustrous black that runs deep toward the skin to a slate blue under color.  Color is to be even over the entire animal.  Toenails are to be dark.  Eyes - brown

Faults - Faded, rusty or sunburned color; scattered white hairs color that is not even over the entire animal.



GC FFR's Allison - 11 Legs

( passed away in 2013 )


GC FFR's Autumn - 3 Legs

( resides in Indiana )

Pongo's daughter



Furry Friends R' Us's


  Black Sr. Doe




Sire: FFR's Chaotay - Chocolate Otter (2 Legs)

Dam: FFR's Piper - Black



Show Winnings:

Never Shown due to toe injury at birth




Furry Friends R' Us's

" Piper " 

Black Sr Doe






Sire: FFR's Baelfire - B/Blk (2 Legs)

Dam: FFR's Kira - Black Otter


Show Winnings:

2/4 - PeoriaRBA (A) - 2/18/17  

2/4 - PeoriaRBA (B) - 2/18/17   

3/8 - MetroEast RBA - 3/18/17